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Trampling over his balls - first barefoot, then in shoes. Film lasts only 3 minutes, because it is very painful. Time: 3.01 min

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Aga, wearing white shoes with flat, sturdy soles tramples on his penis. She starts to play with it between her shoes, and then steps on it really hard, pressing her soles and heels to it. There are small grooves in the soles, but not small enough for his cock to fit in them so she presses her whole body weight on it. She also stands on one leg, lifting the other one up. Then she puts his cock on her shoe and massages it with the sole of the other shoe, making him cum. --- This film contains all the scenes from the beginning to the end. Time: 18.11 min.

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You should watch this film backwards. The guy seemed to react differently than usual - the more he got stepped on, the less turned on he became. It was probably because of the sharp edge of the opening from which he was sticking out. And the more he hid in the opening, the more pissed off the girls got and started stepping on him harder and harder until they forced him under the table. Time: 12.47 min.

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A girl in sexy, black, lacquered high-heels. Time 9.30 min.

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This film was shot outdoors. At first the girl tramples barefoot, then she puts on her shoes. She stands on a board with a small hole in it and the whole challenge is for her to balance on it. She steps really hard on the guy's cock with both her soles and her heels. Time: 12.27 min.

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A girl in platform shoes tramples his cock, while standing on a board with an opening in it. She tramples it really hard and she has to balance herself well or else she would fall off. When she stands on it, she does it pressing her whole body weight on it, while balancing on it as well. It got to be really painful a couple of times. Time: 9.47 min.

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