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It is something for crush fans. These cookies meringue - are tasty but they are painful for somebody they are trampled on....

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CD crush


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After some period of using cell phone network, provider give possibility for free phone exchange. So I've got such new phone. But it have one bad thing - polyphonic rings...

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The movie contains 8 scenes of crush theme. MsKristina tramples on aluminum candle packaging, cans of beer, two-litres plastic bottle and the rose (with spikes) with the black high heels. And everything is located on our extra's back.

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Aga crushing grapes

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Aga crushing paprika

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Aga crushing tomato

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Aga crushing kiwi

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Aga crushing apple

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Aga crushing banana

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Aga crushing cabbage

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Aga crushing cucumber

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Aga crushing grapefruit

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This is a crush video filmed from under a glass pane. A girl wearing sneakers is crushing a plastic doll. She rips the doll apart with her shoes. Time: 6.03 min.


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Aga crushing orange

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Aga crushing grapefruit

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Aga crushes billiards.

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Crushing of a tomato, filmed from below (glass table)

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Aga crushes giant broad beans on the car hood.

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Aga crushes watermelon. Time: 5.27 min.

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A girl steps on chewable candies of different colors. They are spread on a glass pane and the camera is under the pane. She starts to step on the pane with her black heels. She takes off one shoe and starts to step on the candies with her bare foot. The candies are too hard, so she puts on her shoe and crushes them with her shoes. Time: 6.30 min.

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A girl steps on rice bread that is on the glass pane. It starts to crumble and fall to pieces. She tries to crush it so it will become a powder. She poors water on it. The bread becomes soggy. First she starts walking over the bread in her shoes and then takes them off and smears everything in her bare feet. Time: 7.09 min.


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A girls crushes round pieces of candy. She is wearing summer shoes with rectangular heels. In the movie you can see how the candies are crushed under her weight. Then she starts crushing chocolate bars. A big, sticky mass forms... Time: 5.37 min.

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A girl in glass high-heels tramples over a styrofoam board. She leaves heel and sole marks all over the board. Time: 2.59 min.

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A girl in black high-heels tramples over a styrofoam board. She leaves heel and sole marks all over the board. Time: 4.50 min.

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A girl in a black vinyl skirt, fishnet stockings with large holes in them and black high-heels crushes bananas. At first she just sticks her heels into them, then she crushes them with the soles of her shoes. She then takes off her shoes and crushes them to a pulp with her feet. Time: 10.56 min.

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Trampling on pillows. The girl is wearing very high wedge sandals. Time: 6.56 min.


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A girl crushes ten eggs on the guy's stomach. The film additionally has slow motion sequences shot with three different cameras, where you can see the eggs falling apart. At the end it shows the eggs being crushed at normal speed. Time: 12.12 min.

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The assignment was to put the carton on his chest and to cruch it very thoroughly. The girl really put a lot of effort into it. Time: 5.54 min.

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