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The boss sits on the couch, while her worker kisses her feet, which are covered in black stockings. She tells him to put her shoes on her feet and kiss them. She puts handcuffs on him and tells him to go back to licking her shoes. She tells him to get up and take off his shirt. She kicks him in his groin. When he falls to the floor, she whips him and starts to kick him. She starts kicking him harder and harder until he begs her to stop....

Time: 6.11 min.


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Two girls kick a slave in the stomach, back, and on the sides. From time to time they trample over his back. His arms are fastened to his neck. Both of the girls are wearing high-heels. The blond girl is wearing heavy platform shoes so it’s hard for her to kick but when she does… The brunette changes her shoes and puts on high boots and makes the slave kiss them, while the other one continues kicking him. He has a bunch of bruises after the session. Time: 6.34 min


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Alexandra gets her own slave. She can do whatever she wants with him. She starts to whip him and marks on his body quickly form. Then she starts to kick him in the stomach and testicles. She attaches metal clamps to his nipples and starts to whip him. Then she attaches a chain with clamps. She starts to whip him faster and kick him harder with her latex shoes. The man is red from all the hits and kicks he received. Alexandra’s shoes are starting to leave marks on his body. She takes a horsewhip and makes him put his head on the floor and kiss her shoes. She then unties his hands and wraps his body up in foil and then ties his hands up again and starts to whip his foil-covered body. Then she rips off the foil and puts clamps on his nipples. She starts to whip his testicles and back. The slave is all tied up and Alexandra kicks him in the balls, stomach and ass. She tells him she’ll kick him until he falls over. Her kicks and whippings are even harder. Eventually he needs a break and Alexandra triumphantly puts her foot on him. After a little rest, she handcuffs him and starts to kick and whip him again. His knees start to tremble and he eventually falls to the floor; Alexandra stands on top of him, satisfied. Time: 26.42 min.

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