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This is my friends' movie. As you can see on the picture it has margins on both sides.At the beginning this movie includes some scenes of soft BDSM. Afterwards Nica seems to be merciless... Trampling action in beautiful red high heel pumps and white stockings. Nica steps onto Masopls's chest and try to force her stilettos into his ribs. She takes off her skirt, stockings and shoes... He is in amazing pain but she gags his mouth with her stockings. She forces him to kiss and lick her shoes and feet... Time: 7.01 min.

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Red stilettos, whip, candle and spruce's twigs. Nica is pouring wax on Masopls's body, then she is whipping him. Next she is rubbing down tricled wax with her shoes and whip. As a result Masopls's body is very sore, but Nica remains inflexible - she is throwing the spruce's twigs on his sore body and starts trampling on them - the twigs are very prickly... After that all typical trample action follows. Recapitulating - ten minutes of torture...

 Time: 10.15 min.

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This movie has english translation of Nica's comments. This movie seems to be the most extreme. Before Nica starts the real game she gave the sores and heels to Masopls to lick and kiss them. First Nica whips Masopls and then she.... sprinkles the drawing pins on Masopls's chest. During trampling Nica has to stop a few times because Masopls can't stand the pain. Drawing pins were real, I proved it by adding 7 photos at the end of the movie. Look the traces they have left. It is not a joke!  Time: 15.51 min.

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The first part of the movie. It's rather for whipping enthusiasts. Nica has two whips at her disposal - the first about 0,5 metre long and the second 2 metres long. In the beginning of the movie you can see slight whipping, then strokes are more and more strong and at the end Nica uses all her strength...  Time: 5.33 min.

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Extreme Second part of the movie - starts with very shocking scene of nipples piercing by very sharp clasps. Next Nica whips Masopls pulling chain with clasps at the same time - it gives Masopls enormous pain... And for this "pleasure" he has to shoeworship - and it makes the main point of this part of movie.  Time: 6.58 min.

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Nica stands on very dirty cardboard - after that Masopls must lick her bare feet very carefully until she is satisfied with that. Next there are some barefoot trampling scenes. Nica tramples on Masopls' body with bare feet pulling the chain with clasps and standing on the clasps - Masopls is in amazing pain!  Time: 5.00 min.

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Nica puts on and laces her sexy shoes. Masopls on his knees licks her shoes and at the same time Nica whips him very hard. Next she tells him to lie down on the floor. Using her stilettos she starts trampling his body without any mercy - concentrating on the painful chest and his cock...

Time: 5.44 min.

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Nica tramples Masopls' body in heels - then standing on his body she takes her shoes off and begins to trample him instead in her sexy bare feet. All time she inflicts pain on his chest. It turnes out that these are good ways for him to finish off... Time: 5.23 min.

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!!! EXTREME - EXTREME - EXTREME !!! Masopls was brandmarked for the first time 12 years ago, but scars are barely visible now. You haven't seen such extreme movie yet. Those are very hard scenes. Mistress brands Her slave like farmers brand their cows... Nica heats metal letters over the candle and then brands her name on Masopls' abdomen. He is in incredible pain. Shouting and whimpering. This is real!!! After the ceremony Nica tramples on Masopls in black 5" high heels . She digs Her heel into his nipple, making him to... cum.  Time: 9.55 min.

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A girl dressed in very sexy clothes rides a man like a pony. The pony performs all her requests – he licks her shoes, neighs, snorts. He’s a good pony. Time: 5.19


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An angry woman runs into a hotel, starts cursing at the receptionist, and beats him with a whip. The receptionist starts to run, enters a room and trips on the floor. The woman kicks him and he stops talking. She ties him up. A hotel guest tries to defend the man, but he also gets tied up. The woman slaps him on the face a few times. Next, she ties his hands and starts to whip the man, who is kneeling. She takes off his pants and starts whipping his ass – she starts to kick him in the stomach really hard. She makes him lie by the wall and steps on him in very sharp heels and starts to whip him. He is left with marks all over his body. Time: 6.18

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The full version. The slave was supposed to bring his boss’s receipts but instead he brought some flyers. She makes him lie down, kiss her shoes and eat small pieces of paper. She puts handcuffs on him and ties him up. She sits on the couch and makes him lie down and kiss her boots. Then she gets up, walks on his back in high-heels (she weighs 70 kg) and sits down again and makes him kiss her feet, which are covered in black stockings. She tells him to put her shoes on her feet and kiss them. Then she puts handcuffs on him and tells him to go back to licking her shoes. She tells him to get up and take off his shirt and then kicks him in his groin. When he falls to the floor, she whips him and starts to kick him. She kicks him harder and harder until he begs her to stop.... Time: 12.19 min.


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Light female domination. A man in a mask starts to kiss his mistress’s shoes. Then he lick them and sucks on the heels. The mistress takes off her shoes and the slave starts to kiss her feet. She makes him lie down and kiss her feet some more. She starts to trample over him and then lights a cigarette and uses his mouth as an ashtray. Then she gets a candle and starts to pour wax over him. The dripping wax gives her such pleasure that she sticks her own feet out to feel some of the hot wax. When enough wax has dripped unto her slave’s chest, she smears it with her feet. Time: 10.53

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A mistress crushes green grapes in a dog bowl with her feet. She takes off her shoe and crushes the grapes with her foot. When her foot becomes wet, she makes her slave lick it. Then she pisses in the bowl and sticks her slave’s head in it twice, pressing his head down with her foot. She then sits on the bathtub and makes him lick her “bush” (this gives her much pleasure). Then she tells him to go back to the bowl. She takes out the rest of the grapes with her foot and makes him eat them. Time: 11.41 min. 

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A dog bowl filled with strawberries lies on the floor. The mistress delicately crushes them with her shoe and makes her slave lick the soles of her shoes. Then she steps on the strawberries with her feet and makes him lick it. She makes him take off her other shoe and lick her foot. She takes off her underwear and tells him to place the bowl under her. After she pisses in the bowl, her slave starts to eat the strawberries in it. She makes him jack off to the bowl, telling him to do it faster. She tells him to lick her feet while he is masturbating. When he begins to climax, she tells him to cum on her feet. Time: 12.41

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A slave is tied up tightly. One mistress pours wax all over him. Soon another one joins her. They push him on the floor and pour wax from two candles on him. He is covered with wax. Then they starts to kick and whip him... Time: 7.28 min.

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A fetish show taped in a pub. A girl cuffs the hands and feet of a slave with leather handcuffs. Next, she takes some candles and starts to pour hot wax over his body. Then she ties a rope around his neck and puts a bowl of strawberries in front of him. She steps all over the strawberries and makes the slave lick her foot clean. The show was supposed to end with the whipping, but someone must have taken a liking to the whip and so we didn’t get it back. Time: 8.32 min.

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A beautiful young mistress is playing with an electrical stimulator with her slave, who is tied up with leather straps. The mistress puts a clasp on his nipples and pours wax over him, then she puts a metal ring on his penis and hooks him up to an electrical wave. She puts a long, thin metal electrode in his penis and turns it on, first applying the lowest power and slowly amping it up. Then she ties his testacies and puts clasps on them, and then puts a short, thick electrode inside his penis, sticking it in and out and amps up the power. Time: 10.04 min.

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A slave is tied to a chair. He has a blindfold on so he won’t know what is about to happen to him. A mistress starts to pour wax all over him - she pours it on his nipples, feet, penis...she also starts to whip him. Then she makes him kiss her shoes. She takes one shoe off and gags him with it.

 Time: 5.09 min

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A slave is wearing a blindfold and is tied to a chair. One of the girls pours wax over him, and the other hits him with a whip. When the wax dries up, the girl scrapes it off him. She takes another candle and pours wax over his genitals. He takes the blindfold off so he can feel more ashamed.

Time: 8.06 min

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Alexandra gets her own slave. She can do whatever she wants with him. She starts to whip him and marks on his body quickly form. Then she starts to kick him in the stomach and testicles. She attaches metal clamps to his nipples and starts to whip him. Then she attaches a chain with clamps. She starts to whip him faster and kick him harder with her latex shoes. The man is red from all the hits and kicks he received. Alexandra’s shoes are starting to leave marks on his body. She takes a horsewhip and makes him put his head on the floor and kiss her shoes. She then unties his hands and wraps his body up in foil and then ties his hands up again and starts to whip his foil-covered body. Then she rips off the foil and puts clamps on his nipples. She starts to whip his testicles and back. The slave is all tied up and Alexandra kicks him in the balls, stomach and ass. She tells him she’ll kick him until he falls over. Her kicks and whippings are even harder. Eventually he needs a break and Alexandra triumphantly puts her foot on him. After a little rest, she handcuffs him and starts to kick and whip him again. His knees start to tremble and he eventually falls to the floor; Alexandra stands on top of him, satisfied. Time: 26.42 min.

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A slave is tied up and put in stocks . The mistress is wearing a red latex skirt and black shoes with metal heels. At first, she sits in front of him and makes him kiss her shoes. Then she hits him with a whip and gently kicks his penis. She lights a candle and goes back to whipping her slave and makes him kiss her shoes. She then takes the melted candle and starts to pour hot wax on his back and then scrapes it off his back with her nails. She starts to whip him, holding down his penis with her shoe. Time: 7.12 min.


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She takes a fly swatter and starts to hit his ass and then pours wax on his back and hands. She hits his penis with her whip and makes him kiss her shoes. She starts to work on his back again with her whip and candle. Then she frees his hands and scrapes off the dried wax. Finally, she makes him carefully kiss her shoes and hits his balls with her whip. Time: 9.29 min.


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A mistress ties up her slave’s testacles, slaps him and steps on him. She puts clamps on his nipples, sits on the bed and makes him kiss her shoes, hitting his balls with her whip. She takes the clamps off and puts clothespins on his testacles and steps on his penis again. The mistress takes medical pins and pierces his nipples. In the meantime, she strokes his penis with her shoe. She takes off the clothespins and slaps his penis a few times with her hand. She takes more pins and pierces his other nipple. Then she takes two candles and pours wax on his body and penis. The mistress is pouring wax on the guy’s penis. When the wax dries up, she scrapes it off with her shoe and starts to kick him. Then she takes the third pin and pierces his nipple. She strokes his penis with her shoe and hits it with a rope. In the end, she takes out one of the pins. Time: 17.33 min.


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The guy in this movie has a fetish for ropes, candles, buckles and shoes. He is tied to a metal framework. One girl makes him kiss her shoes while the other pours hot wax on him. Then she gives the candle to her friend. Julia takes clothespins with very tight springs and puts them first on his nipples, then on his testacies. Then the man again starts to kiss both girls shoes. Meanwhile, Aleksandra takes off the clothespins from his tentacles and starts to pour wax on his back. Both girls put their legs on his hands. Aleksandra takes off her shoes and makes him kiss her foot. Then Julia puts a blindfold on him and and starts to beat him with a whip…

Time: 10.26 min.



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The new Dominatrix learns from an experienced one about how to use needles. They are practicing on a cock. Everything is arranged and everyone agreed to film this „instructional“ video. Time: 10.47 min.


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The cosmetologist usually waxes her clients, but this time she wanted to try it on herself because she said that pain turns her on. During hair removal, hot wax is placed on a person and after it cools it is ripped off peace by peace with strips along with the hair and roots. Even though it is very painful, she said it was awesome and it turned her on and she'll definitely do it again next month. Time: 8,14 min.


24.00MB 24.10MB 22.80MB 24.10MB 24.10MB 31.50MB