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The guy in this movie has a fetish for ropes, candles, buckles and shoes. He is tied to a metal framework. One girl makes him kiss her shoes while the other pours hot wax on him. Then she gives the candle to her friend. Julia takes clothespins with very tight springs and puts them first on his nipples, then on his testacies. Then the man again starts to kiss both girls shoes. Meanwhile, Aleksandra takes off the clothespins from his testacies and starts to pour wax on his back. Both girls put their legs on his hands. Aleksandra takes off her shoes and makes him kiss her foot. Then Julia puts a blindfold on him and and starts to beat him with a whip…

Time: 10.26 min.


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Two men are lying in front of the bed. One girl is stepping on him in white socks, while the other makes him kiss her black high-heels. Then she takes them off and starts stepping all over him barefoot. Meanwhile, Julia sits on the bed and puts her feet on his face, making him kiss her socks. Then she takes off the socks and puts them on his face, while Aleksandra gets off him and makes him kiss her feet. Julia stands on him and presses the socks to him with her foot. The girls change places. Time: 6.53 min.

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Julia, wearing white high-heels, makes her guy carefully kiss her shoes. Aleksandra does the same thing, also making him suck her heels. Then she gets up and starts to step on his palm. Julia takes off her shoes and steps on the guy’s back, while Aleksandra steps barefoot over the stomach of the other guy. Time: 4.24 min.

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A man is lying in front of the couch. Ms. Julia and Ms. Alexandra are sitting on the couch, resting their feet on his body. One is wearing high-heeled boots, the other just high-heels. Alexandra gets up and starts stepping on his stomach. Then the other girl does the same. The man is moaning with pain. The girls switch places, Julia takes her shoes off and puts her feet with white socks on the guy’s face. She starts to trample him, putting her feet on his face. She sits on the couch and makes him smell her feet. Meanwhile, Alexandra presses her feet against his penis and stomach. Julia takes off her socks and puts them on his face, pressing them with her foot. Then she makes him kiss her feet. The girls change places and now the man begins to worship Alexandra’s feet. Julia, meanwhile, starts squishing his penis with her foot. After a while, Alexandra gets up and starts to trample him and she stands on his head with both feet. Then, while the guy is kissing their feet, they squish his penis with their feet. Time: 16.23 min.

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The girl makes him kiss her foot while standing on him. It’s his first experience of this kind. Then she sits on a chair and puts her feet on his face and makes him kiss them, and also takes my camera away from me and starts filming the action herself. Then I take back my camera and zoom in on her feet while he caresses them. Finally, she puts away the chair and gently tramples on him barefoot. Time: 6.42 min 

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A barstool is placed on a mans chest. A girl sits on the stool and the guy kisses her toes very carefully. She has big feet and they are full of veins, which I think is very sexy.

Time: 3.36 min.

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A blonde girl in black platform heels is sitting in a chair and moving her legs around as the camera films her from different angles. After a while she takes off her shoes and is left only in nylon stockings. She moves and wiggles her stockinged feet. The camera films her from the level of the ground so watching her it feels like you are lying on the floor, with her sticking her feet in your face. The next part shows her taking off her stockings with her feet. She then wiggles her feet, crosses her legs a few times, stands up, and moves around her feet some more.

Time: 8.41 min.


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