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The girls gently massage the face of the guy lying in front of the sofa with the soles and heels of their shoes. It is a kind of warm-up before the real trampling begins. The guy then lies on the sofa and the girls start to walk on him. Each one of them tramples him with great pleasure.

Time: 6.38 min.

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A mattress was tied to the guy. He lies down near the wall and three girls climb on him. The girls had to walk carefully so they wouldn't ruin the mattress. They also had to frequently change places. It was heaviest when they stood in one place without moving. It made it really hard to breathe for the guy. Then they all sat on the mattress.

Time: 7.64 min.

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Three guys lie down next to each other by the wall. Three girls have shoes with thin heels, one has thick heels. The girls walk one after the other, stepping over everything. The girl in the miniskirt walks hardest, stepping especially on one guy without a shirt only with her heels. She leaves visible marks on his body which pleases him a lot.

Time: 6.51 min.

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His hands and face were put in stocks. Four girls handled the rest. Three of them weren't exactly skinny, although the thinnest one pushed her heels in the hardest. Two of the girls were wearing winter shoes and two wore spring shoes. They left considerable marks on his body.

Time: 6.48 min.


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While I was at the market, my friend decided to use the occasion to make a few films. He is fond of flats, but this time he decided to try lying under female boots. He can take the pressure, but high-heels aren't really his thing and he often grabs the girl by the ankle so she won't stick her heels into him. Then he puts his hand under her soles and kisses her shoes. The girl gently digs her heels into his palm. At the end, she steps on a cell phone.

Time: 8.11 min.

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A girl in sports shoes crushes a cell phone, while the guy kisses her shoes. Then the girl takes a camera and starts recording the crush session herself, from her point of view. She gets on his chest and jumps on it a little, and then stands on his head. Time: 4.27 min.

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This is one of the first meetings I organized. My friend DonKichote is lying on the floor. He loves BIG girls and flats. The girl in the film is tall and she weighs 88 kg! First, there is a small warm-up: she walks on his chest but also, upon his request, she stands on his head and neck. Don takes off his shirt and she gives him a back massage in sports shoes with spiky soles. She leaves white marks on his back with every step she takes. She also stands on his head. Then it gets a bit extreme. She first jumps on DonKichote from a table that's about 60 cm high, then from the parapet almost one meter high!!! Then she steps on his tongue. There is also a bonus our female friends made a photo session on wooden boards placed on our backs.

Time: 10.54 min.

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A guy is resting his head on a soft stool. A girl in stockings walks on it several times. The next scene features a girl in boots with stiletto heels who stomps on a mans belly. She also jumps on him many times, digging her heels deep in his flesh and leaving all sorts of marks on his body. Finally, two girls one barefoot and the other in stockings trample the guy on the floor. They walk close to each other so that it really hurts him.

 Time: 6.09 min.

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The first scene shows a man lying under the bar and three girls walking on him. They are all wearing high-heels. Two of them really dig their heels deep in. They stand really close to each other in order to fit on his chest and belly. The second scene shows a man with his head on a stool and his hands on the table. The girls step on his palms and stand on his head. They are wearing shoes. The third scene shows a man lying sideways, his head placed on the stool. Three girls walk all over him and step on his head. They are also wearing shoes and they try to stand on his head two at a time.

Time: 8.50 min.

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The first scene shows two girls stepping on a man�s head. He put a jacket under his head. Three girls walk on his body, stopping on his head and then stepping off of him.

Time: 7.31 min.

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This film features a girl in boots with stilettos who stick their heels in hard. Even though the guy is wearing a shirt, you can still see how hard the girl sticks her heels in. The second scene shows a girl in high-heels stepping on the man�s head. Of course she stands on it with the flat part of her shoes. She stands on his lips and forehead. Then she takes off her shoes and steps on him with her heels which really hurts. She also stands on his face a few times.

Time: 8.40 min.

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A hard-core flick from my friend. A painful trampling session in two pairs of similar black sandals with high-heels. His wife weighs 65 kg. and stand on him almost flat, digging her heels deep into his body. At the end, she steps on him only in her stockings and then she stands on his head.

 Time: 5.38 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - My friend Christopher

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The girl takes part in her first trampling session and she is asking a lot of questions because she doesn't want to hurt the guy. She is also supposed to hit the guy with a whip and to kick him. She isn't really good at the kicking part, so she takes off her shoes and walks on him barefoot. He tells her to stand on his head. She thinks about it for a long time and finally decides to do it. Instead of actually kicking him, she seems to get a kick out of jumping on his chest.

Time: 5.43 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - First trampling 06

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One of the girls is wearing trainers and the other flip-flops. First they walk on top of the guy on the floor, then they start to jump on him. They both start to jump on him at the same time while holding hands. The guy can't take it and he gives up pretty soon. Another guy lies down in his place and two girls in high-heels get on top of him. The girl in light-colored sandals steps on his head, while the other one tramples his chest.

Time: 8.38 min.

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A girl in light-colored, high-heeled sandals walks on the chest of the guy who is lying on the floor. Then a girl in black high-heels climbs on him and they both walk on him. Soon they take off their shoes and walk barefoot. They also jump on the him a lot. Then they stand on his head, although one of the girls is a bit scared.

Time: 7.23 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - On stomach and head 02

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This girl is taking part in her first trampling session. She is very afraid of standing on someone in high-heels. She thinks you can pierce the skin. She finally decides to try, but she is visibly nervous. She moves very slowly, thinking that the guy under her is in great pain. Another guy lies on the floor next to her. Now she is a little less afraid and actually presses her heels into his stomach. Then she puts her beautiful red high-heels on his lips and makes a gesture that looks as if she were extinguishing a cigarette. Then she gets on his stomach again and tries to jump on him, but it doesn't really work out. A third guy lies down. He isn't wearing a shirt. You can see how thin her heels are and how visible the marks that she leaves on his body are. She stands on his lips with one foot.

Time: 12.03 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - First trampling in red spike heels

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A girl in black high-heels walks on our friend�s chest. This is her first time doing this kind of thing, but she really gets into it. She seems to be a natural, stepping with her full weight on her heels and not being nervous at all. She is tall and weighs over 60 kilos. Then a barefoot girl joins her and she starts to step and jump on his hands and stomach. She loves to stand on his fingers. Finally, she stand on his nose.

Time: 5.12 min.

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A woman is wearing white sandals on very low heels. The low heels cause the entire body weight of the woman to rest on them. This is very painful trampling, but my friend somehow survives. His wife stands on his head and tries to jump on his stomach. Next, she puts on a pair of black sandals with higher heels and walks on his back. Her shoes are big so she has to be careful that they don't fall off and therefore doesn't pay attention to the guy underneath her. She takes turns stepping on his stomach and on his back, pressing her heels in his body really hard. This film presents five different sessions in an apartment.

Time: 6.34 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - My friend Christopher 02

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At first we see a woman stepping on his head, with her heel practically in his eye. Then she does her usual thing of stepping on his back and stomach and digging her heels in deep. There is some face standing in this one. There are four apartment sessions.

Time: 6.35 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - My friend Christopher 03

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The girl is trampling a guy for the first time in her life. Before she wore red high-heels, now she is wearing sneakers. The guy is telling her how she is supposed to step on him and she follows his instructions, although she is mildly surprised by the whole thing. She stands on his nose, head, and rubs her shoes on his belly. She gets on top of another guy and acts less timidly now, stepping on his stomach hard and standing on his head. After the session was over, she said she cant wait for the next meeting.

Time: 13.56 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - First trampling in flat soles

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