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Our friend was wrapped in plastic foil and tightly sealed with masking tape. 3 girls in high-heels were stomping all over him. He is so tightly wrapped up, that he can't move and has to endure the pain of the girls walking all over him. First he lies on his back, then the girls turn him around with one, swift kick and start jumping on his back. After they have walked all over him, they start to rip off the foil with their heels. The only thing the guy said was that it was very hot. Time: 8.50 min.


13.40MB 14.40MB 13.30MB 17.10MB 16.50MB

The guy lies on a raised platform. He is surrounded by girls sitting on bar stools. When one of the girls tramples on him , the rest put their feet on his face. They only trample him barefoot. When they each took their turn stomping on him, all three of them got up on top of him at once. Time: 6.39 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 21

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A guy lies under the podium. He keeps his hands on it, while his torso and head stick out of it. The girls walk on the podium, stepping on his palms, his rib cage, and walking on his head, before climbing down off him. They climb off one after the other, stepping successively on his palms, torso and head, so he doesn't get any relief from the pain.

Time: 7.57 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Hand and head trample

16.70MB 13.70MB 14.40MB 14.70MB 14.70MB

Three guys lie on a pedestal. Three girls walk on them. Two of them are wearing sneakers, while the other wears flats. The party is just beginning to unwind, so there aren't a lot of people yet. Another girl in high-heels enters. It's her first trampling experience and she says that it's very stressful for her. One of the girls shows her how to trample on a guy's head. Then another girl comes along - this one really weighs a lot - but she refuses to step on the guys because she is afraid that she will hurt them.

Time: 6.23 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trample Party 07 part 01

13.70MB 15.10MB 13.20MB 13.30MB

There are five girls at this party. Three of them were with me, the rest were clients of the bar who just happened to be there when we were shooting. The bar was only open for women on that day. It's their first trampling experience, and as you can see they were very pleased. It may have hurt a bit, but they really proved that they could do it.

Time: 7.26 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trample Party 07 part 02

12.20MB 14.00MB 13.30MB 13.40MB 14.90MB

Three girls stand on top of the guys. They freely trample the guys and invite each other to take turns stepping on the men. One guy isn't aware that a transvestite in black platform shoes gets on top of him. The guy was very unhappy when he found out and I can't say I blame him. A girl in a violet dress (a first-timer) decides to see just how much the guys can take and she stands on one guy's nose with one leg.

Time: 5.29 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trample Party 07 part 03

9.80MB 13.70MB 12.90MB 12.90MB 10.80MB

At the beginning of the clip, the girls lie down on top of the guy. Three of them pile one on top of the other, and then a fourth one straddles them like a pony. Then a girl dressed in violet start belly dancing on Don Kichote's stomach. She is grinding away as if she were on a dance floor. Two of the girls wore high-heels and two wore flats.

Time: 6.37 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trample Party 07 part 04

15.40 MB 12.90 MB 14.10 MB 13.30 MB 12.90 MB

A well-built girl joins the fun. The rest of the girls are enjoying themselves, standing on the guys heads. In the corner, two girls go to work on a guy who is lying on the floor. Soon, everybody else joins them and a kind of group trampling ensues. The girls start to flirt with each other.

Time: 7.18 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trample Party 07 part 05

13.10 MB 13.10 MB 13.00 MB 14.10 MB 17.30 MB

Fun in the corner and under the bar. A girl puts a barstool on a guy and gets up on top of him. Then she stands on him and climbs on top of the bar. The other one steps on the guy lying next to him. Then the guy puts another barstool on him, and now two girls are standing on him. There is a short break for hand-trampling done by two girls. Meanwhile, there is mad trampling going on under the bar and on top of it. The girl who likes to dance starts to dance on one guy�s stomach again.

Time: 9.30 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trample Party 07 part 06

13.60 MB 14.90 MB 14.70 MB 15.20 MB 16.70 MB

Four girls in flats. Two of them are taking part in their first trampling session. They didn't seem to have any hang-ups, walking and standing on the men's heads as if they were used to it. Then, the four of them got on top of one guy. One of the girls boyfriends decided to lie down and see what it was like. He received a back massage which he really seemed to enjoy. The girls finally unwound and started dancing on the three guys.

Time: 6.49 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 22

14.70 MB 15.30 MB 12.70 MB 15.90 MB 12.80 MB

Four girls and four guys  that's eight hands and eight legs to step on. The girls are all wearing flats as there wasn't anyone courageous enough to let a girl in high-heels step on them. At first, the girls take turns stepping on the guys hands, but then they all climb on the table and start dancing on their hands together.

Time: 6.31 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Hand trample 3

14.80 MB 14.00 MB 13.10 MB 10.60 MB 14.80 MB

Two guys lay on joined pedestals. They are arranged in such a way that the girls have to step on them in order to get to the other side of the room. At first, the girls only walk on their stomachs and legs, avoiding their heads. Once they started to walk more stably, they started to walk on their heads as well.

Time: 8.26 min.


15.00 MB 14.60 MB 13.80 MB 14.10 MB 14.50 MB

Four girls in high-heels trample over two guys. The shoes are very nice. One is a classic pair of high-heels, two are laced-up around the ankle, and there is also a brown leather pair. The girls are having a lot of fun stepping on the guys, with music blaring in the background. Our friend Don Kichote loves challenges: he makes one girl stand on him in various positions. For instance, on his head, with her heel on his forehead, or on the neck, or in his ear. The rest of the girls take turns stepping on and off the other guy, and making him lick their soles and heels.

Time: 7.33 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - 4 girls and 2 men part 01

14.10 MB 14.20 MB 14.30 MB 15.30 MB 14.50 MB

A girl in brown shoes steps on the other guy. She makes him lick her heel and then puts the sole of her shoe on his lips. The girl in black high-heels tramples over Don Kichote, sticking her heels in his body really hard. Then she starts dancing on top of two guys. After she gets off, two more girls climb on.

Time: 5.50 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - 4 girls and 2 men part 02

11.10 MB 9.90 MB 9.80 MB 14.10 MB 13.90 MB

DonKichote lies underneath a bar. Eight girls in stockings climb on top of him. He turns around and invites the girls on top of him once again. He attempts to fit all of the girls on his chest and in order to do so, he makes them stand in lines of three next to each other. He lies on his stomach and the girls climb on his back. Finally, they climb on him with their shoes on - the ones with high-heels stand in the middle and the ones with flats stand on the sides.

Time: 7.51 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - 8 girls trample

13.70 MB 13.80 MB 11.00 MB 13.20 MB 12.80 MB

Three men lie on the ground with a board on them. 8 girls climb on the board. They are all wearing high-heels and not all of them are slim, so their combined weight is about 500 kilos !!! The girls climb off the board, change positions, and climb on again. There are a lot of close-ups of the women�s shoes in this film. The camera shakes in a few scenes and I apologize for that.

Time: 7.05 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Under the board 04

14.80 MB 14.70 MB 13.90 MB 13.50 MB 14.30 MB

At the beginning of the film, one guy is lying on the floor. Then another one joins him, and then a third. They couldn't just watch how the others were being trampled without joining in on the fun. The girls were supposed to walk on the men one after the other in quick succession, making sure to step hard on their outstretched hands. All the girls are wearing high-heels. According to my count, 230 girls walked over the first guy who lay down!!! That�s how many you can see in the film, and not all the scenes are shown.

Time: 9.12 min.


DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Guy walk and 8 girls in high heels

13.50 MB 12.50 MB 13.60 MB 14.10 MB 15.00 MB

6 girls wearing flats. One of the girls is barefoot. The guys are lying next to each other on the floor at first, and the girls walk over them one after the other. After a while, DonKichote lies down and the girls are supposed to walk on his chest and head and then move on to the other guys. The girls walk over the guys quickly, grinding them really hard and not giving them any breaks. You can see DonKichote wincing with pain when the girls walk on his head.

Time: 5.30 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Guy walk and 6 girls

13.90 MB 12.30 MB 11.70 MB 12.20 MB 10.90 MB

A long board was placed across five guys. Eight girls, all wearing pretty, high-heeled shoes, climb on top of it. After four minutes, a camera was placed on the board for a minute underneath the girls, who started to dance on the board. You can see their shoes really well. That board weighed almost 500 kilos!

Time: 7.09 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Under the board 05

14.00 MB 14.30 MB 14.50 MB 13.80 MB 11.80 MB

Two stacks of doormats are piled about a foot high on either side of a guys head. He is lying on the floor and girls in flat shoes (one is wearing stockings) walk on his face. 59 girls in all walk on DonKichote head. 42 girls walk on our other friends head. There are 101 head trips total in this film. The camera is placed on a tripod.

Time: 4.55 min.


DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Walking on head part 01

12.70 MB 12.50 MB 12.10 MB 8.30 MB 9.30 MB

This film was shot with a different camera than. Walking on head part 01. You can see where the head was and how the girls walked on it and on the doormats.

Time: 3.56 min.


DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Walking on head part 02

10.10 MB 9.20 MB 7.90 MB 15.70 MB


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