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Two men are lying on their stomachs. Two girls walk over their backs. One is wearing black and the other one white sandals. The girl in the black sandals weighs 90 kg. The girl in the white sandals takes them off while standing on the back of the bigger of the two men and tugs at his hair with her foot. The girl in the black sandals steps on the palm of the other guy’s hand. The two girls take turns with each of the guys. The barefoot girl stands twice on the guy’s head, lifting one foot up and balancing on the other foot. Then, the two girls walk over the other guy’s back.

Time: 7.33 min 

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 09

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This is a film for beginners. Our inexperienced friend makes an appearance it this one. Then a more experienced friend lies on the floor and they both get trampled over by a girl who weighs over 80 kilos. At the end, she stands on the face of one of the guys with both feet.

Time: 4.26 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling barefoot

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2.60MB - 1.02MIN 2.72MB - 1.05MIN 2.18MB - 0.52MIN 2.64MB - 1.03MIN

This is the first time our new friend gets trampled over. The mistress asks him questions as he is lying under her heels and she expects obedient answers. Then she makes him lick the soles and heels of her shoes. She treated him very gently since she was wearing a new pair of shoes with very sharp heels.

Time: 6.22 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling in black boots

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2.52MB - 1.00MIN 2.64MB - 1.02MIN 2.64MB - 1.02MIN 2.66MB - 1.03MIN 2.91MB - 1.09MIN

A man is lying on the bench. A girl in tall boots is walking over him. He kisses her boots. Then another girl in black high-heels enters. She steps on him hesitantly because it’s her first time and the bench is pretty narrow. The girls change places. They walk over him and make him lick their shoes. Next, the man lies down on the floor as one of the girls sits on a chair and makes him kiss her shoes and then her feet. The girls switch places after a while.

Time 11.30 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Two girls and a man 01

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2.75MB - 1.05MIN
2.66MB - 1.03MIN
2.93MB - 1.10MIN
3.16MB - 1.16MIN

A girl tramples all over a guy who weighs quite a bit, and therefore leaves visible marks on his body. The girl herself steps on him with all her might, but she doesn’t weigh a whole lot. Then she makes him lick the soles and heels of her shoes. Despite his size, he has a pretty low tolerance for pain. Then a guy of similar size lies down on the floor and gets trampled over by the girl, who leaves heel marks on his stomach.

Time: 6.14 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling in black boots 2

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2.64MB - 1.03MIN 2.65MB - 1.03MIN 2.66MB - 1.03MIN 2.68MB - 1.04MIN 2.68MB - 1.04MIN 2.68MB - 1.04MIN

Two girls sit at a table, playing a board game. A man is lying under the table. The girls, who are wearing black high-heels, put their feet on him and gently trample over him and make him kiss their shoes. Then they take off their shoes and smother his face with their feet. I really wish I were that guy.... The guy takes off his shirt as one of the girls puts boots on, while the other puts on her high-heels again. They gently stick their heels into his body and make him lick the soles of their shoes. It’s a great 12 minute under the table. Time: 12.18 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Under table

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2.59MB - 1.02MIN 2.69MB - 1.05MIN 2.67MB - 1.04MIN 2.68MB - 1.05MIN 2.69MB - 1.05MIN 2.84MB - 1.08MIN

Two guys are lying on the floor without shirts, as two nice-looking girls in high-heels walk over them. At first, each of the girls only tramples over one guy, but soon two of them start to trample a single guy. After a while, they step on the other guy. One girl wants one of the guys to kiss her shoes, but he resists. This is a classic trampling film. Time: 6.05 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Magda & Kristin

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Two guy are lying on the floor with a plank on their head, which two girls have put there to walk on. As they walk on it, they stop in the middle for a moment. The plank is bending. They take a broader board so that they can both fit on it. One of the girls is wearing white high-heels, and the other one, black high-heeled boots. They walk over the board and then switch places.

Time: 4.45 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Plank on head

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The film is made up of over ten scenes. At the beginning there are 3 scenes where a horse steps on a man. DonKichote puts a hoof on his stomach and raises the other one. Then 9 scenes of riding a bike over his stomach. DonKichote arranges a platform for the bike and the girl rides it on his stomach. At the end, he puts the plank on himself and two girls climb and balance on it, making a swing out of it.

Time: 4.41 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Horse, cycle and plank

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A man lies on the floor wrapped in tin foil. Miss Julia and Miss Alexandra begin to trample him barefoot. They are both dressed in black, wearing black skirts and stockings. The girls walk on him. Then they put on black boots on thin high-heels and continue to step on him. When the camera is placed behind his head, you can hear his heavy breathing. This friend of ours never gets marks on his body, no matter how hard the girls step on him and even if they are wearing high-heels. At the end, the foil is ripped apart by the girls’ heels and they trample over his naked body.

Time: 9.51 min.


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6.09MB - 1.15MIN 5.65MB - 1.10MIN 6.56MB - 1.21MIN 6.63MB - 1.22MIN 6.41MB - 1.19MIN

The shorter the heel, the more pressure it puts on the body. The girls in this movie wear short heels. They stand on the stomach of DonKichote and press their heels deep into his flesh. One of the girls has on white flip-flops and the other wears big beige sandals. At the end of the film, they put on traditional thin-heeled shoes. One of the girls wears regular high-heels, the other high-heeled boots.

Time:12.28 min.


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5.15MB - 1.05MIN 5.41MB - 1.07MIN 5.33MB - 1.06MIN 5.24MB - 1.06MIN 5.63MB - 1.10MIN

Bench A slender man lies on a bench with his hands and legs tied to it. Two girls trample on him. One has beautiful, pampered size 40 feet. Her foot is the same width as his chest. The girls stand on him during the whole movie, only changing places occasionally. The man is all red at the end and thanks them for stepping all over him.

Time: 5.17 min.


Preview clips 360 x 288

5.49MB - 1.09MIN 5.54MB - 1.09MIN 5.38MB - 1.07MIN

The girls are sitting at a table, talking. A man is lying under the table. The girls, who are wearing high-heels, are resting their legs on his body. He is tied with stockings so that he won’t be able to touch them. The girls make him kiss their shoes and gently press their heels into his body. Julia puts on high-heeled boots and makes him lick them, and then Aleksandra takes off her shoes and makes him kiss her feet.

Time: 8.55 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Under table 2

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5.42MB - 1.07MIN 5.51MB - 1.08MIN

Three men are lying besides the wall. One of the girls is wearing sports shoes, the other a pair of heavy Doc Martens. The girls trample over all three men, sometimes standing on their heads. They change places without getting off them.

Time: 8.00 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Sports shoes and Martens

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5.53MB - 1.09MIN 5.69MB - 1.11MIN 6.60MB - 1.22MIN 6.01MB - 1.16MIN

Julia is wearing black high-heels, Aleksandra - a pair of cherry red ones. This film is a classic example of a trampling film. They take turns trampling over the guy lying on the floor.

Time: 5.40 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 11

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6.39MB - 1.19MIN 5.10MB - 1.04MIN 5.99MB - 1.14MIN

Two men are lying in front of the bed. One girl is stepping on one guy in white socks, while the other girl makes the other guy kiss her black high-heels. Then she takes them off and starts stepping all over him barefoot. Meanwhile, Julia sits on the bed and puts her feet on his face, making him kiss her socks. Then she takes off the socks and puts them on his face, while Aleksandra gets off him and makes him kiss her feet. Julia stands on him and presses the socks to him with her foot. The girls change places. They trample barefoot over the guys, who are lying on the floor. Then Aleksandra sits on the bed and makes him kiss her feet, covering his face with them. Julia also makes him kiss her feet. Aleksandra starts to trample over him. Julia’s man kneels before her and carefully kisses her feet. Aleksandra forcefully puts her feet in his mouth. Then Julia puts on white high-heels and starts to step on her man in them and makes the guy carefully kiss her shoes. Aleksandra does the same thing, also making him suck her heels. Then she gets up and starts to step on his palm. Julia took off her shoes and steps on the guy’s back, while Aleksandra steps barefoot over the stomach of the other guy. Time: 16.54 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Foot party 01

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5.39MB - 1.07MIN 5.54MB - 1.09MIN 4.79MB - 1.00MIN 5.46MB - 1.08MIN 7.10MB - 1.28MIN 5.00MB - 1.02MIN

A man is lying in front of the couch. Ms. Julia and Ms. Alexandra are sitting on the couch, resting their feet on his body. One is wearing high-heeled boots, the other just high-heels. Alexandra gets up and starts stepping on his stomach. Then the other girl does the same. The man is moaning with pain. The girls switch places, Julia takes her shoes off and puts her feet with white socks on the guy’s face. She starts to trample him, putting her feet on his face. She sits on the couch and makes him smell her feet. Meanwhile, Alexandra presses her feet against his penis and stomach. Julia takes off her socks and puts them on his face, pressing them with her foot. Then she makes him kiss her feet. The girls change places and now the man begins to worship Alexandra’s feet. Julia, meanwhile, starts squishing his penis with her foot. After a while, Alexandra gets up and starts to trample him and she stands on his head with both feet. Then, while the guy is kissing their feet, they squish his penis with their feet. Time: 16.23 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Foot fetish

Preview clips 360 x 288

5.24MB - 1.05MIN 5.76MB - 1.11MIN

Throughout the entire film, Alexandra stands on the guy’s head. First she stands barefoot on his head and his jaw. Then she puts on a pair of black shoes with metal heels. She puts her whole weight on his head, even lifting one leg up. Then she puts on a pair of open-toed shoes and tramples over the head of the guy lying on the floor. This is over six minutes of head trampling!!!

Time: 6.26 min.


Preview clips 360 x 288

4.46MB - 0.56MIN 5.34MB - 1.07MIN 5.11MB - 1.03MIN 4.81MB - 1.00MIN

At first, she only stepped barefoot on his stomach. The whole idea of the film was to leave clear marks on the stomach and we did it. She wore black shoes with metal heels and the was pressing them forcefully into the guy’s body. She was bending backwards so that the weight would be on the heels. The effects are clearly visible.

Time: 7.05 min.


Preview clips 360 x 288

5.68MB - 1.10MIN 5.68MB - 1.10MIN 5.47MB - 1.08MIN 5.36MB - 1.07MIN 5.91MB - 1.13MIN

She was walking over his stomach in shoes with flat soles, but nonetheless leaving a sharp imprint on the body. You can see white marks on the guy’s stomach every time she stepped on him. They are the perfect shoes for a warm-up massage.

Time 5.01 min.


Preview clips 360 x 288

5.69MB - 1.10MIN 6.05MB - 1.14MIN 5.23MB - 1.04MIN

A man is wrapped in blue foil. A woman in black shoes with square heels is jumping on the foil. She jumps on him really hard, asking him all the time if he’s alright. It looks like she’s suffering more than he is. The foil is thick and he can’t see anything through it and has no idea where the girl is going to jump. Time 5.06 min.


Preview clips 360 x 288

5.30MB - 1.07MIN 4.57MB - 0.58MIN 5.78MB - 1.12MIN 5.70MB - 1.11MIN

Two girls trample over three guys. One of them is wearing sneakers and the other, knee-length boots with flat soles. When two girls stand on one of the guys, Anna (sneakers) stands on his head. Then she changes her shoes for brown platforms with very thin and sharp stiletto heels. Alexandra tries to stand on the head of the guy lying next to the wall. Then the girls wrap up one of the men in a thin blanket and stand on him. He is so wrapped up that he can’t see where they are stepping on him and they can’t tell on which part of his body they’re standing. Time: 9.26 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 12

Preview clips 720 x 576

6.40MB - 1.16MIN 6.07MB - 1.12MIN 6.61MB - 1.18MIN 6.09MB - 1.12MIN

Anna, who is wearing brown platform shoes, steps on Don Kichote. When she steps on his stomach, he puts his palms out so she can step on them. The girl was wearing shoes with narrow soles and she weighed quite a bit too. Then it’s on to Don’s favorite activity – head trampling. You can see his face contorted with pain. Time: 6.10 min.


Preview clips 720 x 576

5.21MB - 1.02MIN 5.94MB - 1.10MIN 6.33MB - 1.15MIN 4.96MB - 0.56MIN 4.99MB - 0.59MIN

Alexandra, wearing high-heels, tramples over a man lying on the floor. This is his first introduction to trampling. She walks on his stomach, asking him all the time weather he can take it. He really likes it. Then she takes a candle and pours hot wax over his body. She crushes the wax and scrapes the rest off with her shoes. Then she put a grilling rack on him and steps over it. It leaves a lot of marks on his body.

Time: 10.19 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 13

Preview clips 720 x 576

6.10MB - 1.13MIN 6.04MB - 1.12MIN 6.06MB - 1.13MIN 5.64MB - 1.08MIN 6.81MB - 1.21MIN


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