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This is Paul's first contact with camera. We had only 5 minutes to make this movie. I hope that we will be able to see him in another videos.

Time: 4.02 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Julia & Pawel

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Julia is trampling Paul who is pull over of a plastic bag. She stepping in black shoes. After few moments she is stepping and jumping on him without shoes. Time: 8.13 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Julia & Pawel 2

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Her stilettos are 16 cm high! Very thin heels. They leave marks like after acupuncture. :))))) Time: 3.34 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Spike heels

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Julia is trampling on DonKichote's body with sport shoes. She's trampling and jumping mainly on his stomach and chest. While she is standing on his palms he lifts her up. She is also standing on his face, giving him the sole to kissing. Then she continues trampling and jumping in white socks. She is standing on his throat and face. Evidently DonKichote takes a lot of pleasure in everything what Julia does. Time: 8.37 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Julia & DonKichote

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This movie was shot in hotel's room. Kopruszek in white fishnets and black high heels tramples on man's body, stands on his face. Then she takes her shoes off and continues trampling, next she also jumping, dancing and face standing. She really enjoy what she does. Time: 6.09 min.


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3.40MB - 1.01MIN 3.38MB - 1.01MIN 3.69MB - 1.06MIN 3.20MB - 0.58MIN

Hotel's bathroom. Kopruszek in underwear and white high heels stands on scales which lied on man's chest. Then she tramples his body, inserts the stilettos into his mouth. Kopruszek takes her shoes off and man lifts her on his hands. Time: 5.00 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Kopruszek 2

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3.60MB - 1.06MIN 3.47MB - 1.02MIN 4.38MB - 1.19MIN 3.44MB - 1.02MIN

Julia in Martens has been standing on Don's body for 30 minutes. The movie begins with showing the traces on his body. Then Julia is trampling on Don's body, standing on one leg, on his throat, jumping. The second girl is coming, in white flat shoes. She stands on Don's face and head, trample his body. But Julia in Martens doesn't absolve him... Time: 7.41 min.


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3.40MB - 1.00MIN 3.43MB - 1.01MIN 3.55MB - 1.03MIN 3.53MB - 1.03MIN 3.46MB - 1.02MIN 3.20MB - 0.57MIN

Julia in black long latex dress and platforms trample on slave's body. She digs her stillettos into his stomach and chest. She also stands on his head. Next she takes her shoes off and starts trampling in red fishnets. In this way she want to alleviate his aching body. Time: 6.27 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Julia & DonKichote 2

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This movie was shot using two cameras. Nica in red high heels and black fishnets. She tortures her slave using the heels and whip. She is really merciless... tramples his body and cock, gives him heels and soles to kiss and lick, whipping him from time to time. Time: 8.33 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Masopls and Nica 20 part 1

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The second part of Maso 20-1. Nica by means of her domination leads her slave to the end... Time: 8.33 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Masopls and Nica 20 part 2

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    3.60MB - 1.05MIN    

Archive clips - Trample Party 6 - clips 360 x 288

3.13MB - 0.55MIN 3.42MB - 1.01MIN 3.62MB - 1.05MIN 3.22MB - 0.57MIN 3.42MB - 1.01MIN

Public trampling in one of Warsaw's pubs. All people who were in the pub agreed to videotape the scenes and show them to you. Five woman take part in the party. There are three girls from audience who trample for the first time. You can also watch the extreme scenes of body trampling in skates. Time: 12.40 min.


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5.32MB - 2.01MIN 3.50MB - 1.02MIN 3.42MB - 1.01MIN 3.43MB - 1.01MIN 6.09MB - 1.50MIN 3.56MB - 1.04MIN
    3.90MB - 1.10MIN    

ff trample :) Two dominant girls decided to trample each other.

Time: 5.59 min.


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One girl is wearing a long latex dress and very high and thin spike heels, she weighs 65 kg. The second girl is in red fishnets and in platform shoes, she weighs 55 kg. They trample on the guy whose hands are tied. First one girl tramples on guy's body, especially concentrates on his cock. She puts her heel into his mouth. Then the second girl continues trampling, she digs her heels in his body. In the end the girl in red fishnets very hard digs her heels in guy's body. He is forced to lick and kiss shoe's sole and heel. There are many close-ups so you can see all incredible traces. Time: 15.47 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 2

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3.87MB - 1.10MIN 3.51MB - 1.04MIN 3.63MB - 1.06MIN 3.45MB - 1.02MIN 3.66MB - 1.06MIN 3.67MB - 1.06MIN
3.59MB - 1.05MIN 3.99MB - 1.12MIN 3.52MB - 1.04MIN 3.46MB - 1.06MIN 3.44MB - 1.02MIN

A three-part movie A man wrapped in tin foil lies on the floor, looking like a mummy. There are tiny slits that reveal his eyes and ears. A girl in black, strapped high heels stomps all over him, ripping the foil with her heels. Time 13.26 min. At the end she takes off her shoes and puts on another pair. She then sits on a chair and puts on a pair of black high-heeled boots. She gets up and stomps on the foil with her heels, making holes in it. It starts to rip apart. Someone hands her the next pair of shoes - black high heels with thick ankle straps. She sits on the chair and takes off the boots and puts on the new pair of shoes. As she is stomping, you can hear the foil rip. She starts to jump on the "mummy." She makes a slit around his mouth so that he can breathe. She then sits on the chair and takes off her shoes. Time: 13.26 min.


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3.91MB - 1.11MIN 4.24MB - 1.17MIN 3.50MB - 1.03MIN 3.70MB - 1.07MIN 3.47MB - 1.03MIN 3.39MB - 1.01MIN
    3.66MB - 1.06MIN    

Archive clips - clips 360 x 288

3.69MB - 1.07MIN 4.02MB - 1.13MIN

The girl has very sharp heels with nails in them. She weighs 78 kilos. She steps all over a guy and starts hitting him with a small whip. Then, she steps on his testicles. In this movie, there is a big close-up of the marks she leaves on him. Next, she takes off her shoes and steps all over him barefoot. Time: 6.39

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Trampling 3

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3.69MB - 1.06MIN 3.49MB - 1.03MIN 3.56MB - 1.05MIN 3.28MB - 0.59MIN 4.63MB - 1.24MIN

Gentle trampling filmed during the renovation of an office. A girls climbs a ladder and gets on a table, on which is a man chained to the table. The girl has black, laced high-heels. She makes him kiss the soles of her shoes and suck the heel. After, she sits on the ladder, takes off her shoes, and walks over him barefoot. Time 7.01


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3.37MB - 1.01MIN 3.54MB - 1.04MIN 4.14MB - 1.16MIN

A man lying on the floor is taking part in his first trampling event. It was always his dream and now its coming true. A girl in tight, leather knee-high black boots who is about to stomp all over the guy is also a first-timer. She weighs 70 kg. He wants to see how much he can take. She canít balance on him. Time: 4.04 

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - First trampling

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3.63MB - 1.06MIN 3.89MB - 1.11MIN 3.00MB - 0.54MIN 3.34MB - 1.00MIN

An angry woman runs into a hotel, starts cursing at the receptionist, and beats him with a whip. The receptionist starts to run, enters a room and trips on the floor. The woman kicks him and he stops talking. She ties him up. A hotel guest tries to defend the man, but he also gets tied up. The woman slaps him on the face a few times. Next, she ties his hands and starts to whip the man, who is kneeling. She takes off his pants and starts whipping his ass Ė she starts to kick him in the stomach really hard. She makes him lie by the wall and steps on him in very sharp heels and starts to whip him. He is left with marks all over his body. Time: 6.18

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Assault on hotel

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4.24MB - 1.17MIN

3 men lie on the floor. Julia, wearing black high-heels, steps all over them. She invites her friend in and sits on a chair. She orders one of the men to take off her shoes and the other one to pass her another pair. She stands up. Standing on one of the men lying on the floor, she invites her friend to try. Both of them walk all over the men. One of the men shrieks in pain. Julia put on a pair of high-heeled boots. Agnes starts her trampling session. Julia instructs her how to walk all over men. The ladies pour each other drinks. Agnes has no mercy, she presses her heels into the manís body. It hurts him the most when she steps on his bellybutton. He canít take it anymore....She tramples on two men now. Julia tells her slave to put a gag on one of the men lying on the floor so that he wonít groan. The other one lies on his stomach. Walking on someoneís back in shoes is very painful, but he doesnít seem to mind. She tells him to lie on his back once more and jumps barefoot all over his chest. While Julia is jumping on him, Agnes makes him kiss her shoes. Time: 17.51 min.

DOWNLOAD MOVIE - Julia & Agnes

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4.14MB - 1.15MIN 3.72MB - 1.07MIN 3.95MB - 1.12MIN 4.41MB - 1.20MIN 4.08MB - 1.12MIN 3.63MB - 1.06MIN
2.54MB - 0.46MIN 3.83MB - 1.10MIN 3.74MB - 1.08MIN 3.11MB - 0.56MIN 3.77MB - 1.08MIN
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